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5x11 Maternal Instinct

1. It's Irina! Being badass! Yay! And she calls Jack "my husband". Love.

2. Devlin's confiding in Sloane about his amazement a high-level CIA guy could become corrupted. Now there's something you don't expect to see.

3. What's Sloane done to his hair? It looks kind of... spiky.

4. Wow. Jack sure got that whole 'arrested for threatening the CIA higher-ups' thing sorted out fast.

5. While we're on the subject of hair... Dixon's? Hmm. I think maybe I like it, but it takes some getting used to. Did they film the last ep pre-hiatus and this one after it? That would explain a lot.

6. "And let's be honest, Syd. Right now you waddle." Hee. Aw. Syd-Dixon friendship moment. It's nice to be getting more of those this year.

7. Yay, Irina! I seem to be compelled to say that every time I see her, even though she's evil this season.

8. "I know about Prophet Five. I know they abducted you. That's the reason I've come." Damn, Irina. Way to tell bold-faced lies with the truth.

9. It's interesting that while Syd will tell her mom dangerous details about what Prophet Five were after, she still doesn't trust her with the fact that Vaughn's alive.

10. "I love secret conspiracies." Hee. Aww, Marshall. Such a healthy attitude to treason.

11. Jack has just given up even responding to Marshall-babble, hasn't he? Love the little sidelong flicker of a look he gives him. Damn, why did we never get a Jack and Marshall buddy movie episode? It would have been epic.

12. "Your voice modulates a little when you're talking to Sydney." Aww, Jack. He looks appalled that Marshall of all people has picked up a tell I'm not sure he even knew he was showing.

13. Jack was totally not expecting Irina to still be there when he arrived, was he?

14. "You look... well." Heh. He was obviously thinking 'hot' there. And that smile. Love.

15. "Look at us. About to become grandparents." / "I'm doing my best to ignore that." Hee. And Sydney looks so delighted that daddy made a joke.

16. "Prophet Five has probably figured out by now I gave them the wrong information." / "Yeah, that's a safe assumption." Oh, Irina, you are so bad.

17. Jack and Irina look so couple-y sitting on that couch together. And the OTT accents are just the icing on the cake. "It's that clown she married." Hee. And Jack's eye-roll! Oh, there should have been more Bristow family missions.

18. "The two of you will be as happy as your father and I have been." Oh, now there's a terrible curse to lay on a family, Irina.

19. Well, that was... kind of an anticlimactic end to the Grace's wife subplot.

20. Good covering, Grace, but if I were Devlin I'd be kind of concerned that the members of a top secret black ops unit were getting calls from their parents on work phones.

21. Oh, Jack's pissy. He always so wants Irina to be on the level, and he's always so annoyed at himself when she turns out not to be.

22. Irina. The only thing that can distract Jack from paying instant attention to Sydney.

23. This show has a thing for women with bazookas. ...I approve.

24. "Cover your mother." That says everything you could possibly need to know about Alias right there, and it's awesome.

25. Sloane is devious on several levels in this little scene with Rachel. And she looks so pleased when he praises her. I'm sure this is what the early Sloane-Syd relationship must have looked like.

26. "Exhale through your mouth." / "No!" Hee. Ah, Syd. When you decide to distrust somebody, you really go for it.

27. "You should know something, Sydney. I never wanted to have a child." Wow, Irina. Way to win the crown of 'least tactful Bristow' back from Jack. And that's stiff competition.

28. The KGB demanded that Irina have a kid? I'm not sure if I believe it or not. It seems odd for them to intentionally tie up an agent who's doing assassinations for them on the side. Maybe she got pregnant first and they demanded she keep it?

29. I do believe the rest of Irina's speech about the choice between being an agent and a mother, though. I think maybe this is the most honesty we hear from her across the entire show.

30. Irina calls Syd "Syd". Huh. Wow. Jack and Sloane both always call her "Sydney", which is a neat little 'family' touch I rather love, because I have the same sort of thing with my brother where he's a "Dave" to everyone else he knows but we could never think of him as anything but "David". So it's interesting to me that Irina uses the nickname.

31. Randomly, Syd's red and white outfit continues to disturb me all through these fairly shadowy sequences, because at first glance it makes her look like she's covered in blood.

32. I love, in a twisted way, the moment where Irina crouches down as if she's going to do something to comfort Syd and then just grabs the Horizon instead.

33. Peyton calls Jack "Grandpa"! Hee!

34. Aw. Birth-coach Jack is kind of awesome. He's so gentle and encouraging.

35. Apparently super Syd does super pregnancy, too, because that was an awfully short interval between first push and baby arrival.

36. And Irina manages to vanish, with the Horizon, within instants of handing over the baby. Damn, she's good. And Jack is just like, yeah, whatever, she's escaped, we'll find her - yay, grandbaby! Bless him.

37. "Tell the team they'll need diapers." Heh.

38. This whole moment with Jack holding the baby is just extended loveliness.

39. And finally: hi, Vaughn! Hi, Vaughn's beard!


Great episode!
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