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5x10 S.O.S.

1. Hee. This is just about the feeblest chase scene ever. Three people carefully descending stairs using the hand rails, on the trail of a heavily pregnant woman that they can't shoot at.

2. And pregnant or not, Syd thumps that guy's head against the desk pretty good.

3. I love how detailed and competent Syd's SOS message is. She always behaves like the trained agent she is.

4. Damn. Those are some excellent worried faces from Jack and Marshall listening to Sydney's message.

5. Heh. Jack is seceding from the CIA. Don't mess with his daughter, US government.

6. Special Guest Star Greg Grunberg? Yay!

7. That is a mighty moustache on Dixon there. And the hat's pretty spiffy, too.

8. And more ground laid for Grace's dead wife backstory. But if Langley has the details, why didn't Marshall? We know it was in his records because Jack was aware of it right from the beginning. The way this whole plotline is set up is weirdly convoluted.

9. Yay, little robot laser gadget in the phone! That's funky.

10. Huh. Who is the random woman tech doing Jack and Sloane's computer work for them, and does she know she's hacking into Langley? It seems odd that they'd bring an outsider into their little conspiracy. I'm still not quite clear why they needed both Marshall and Rachel on the inside.

11. I love Marshall's theatrical expression of interest while the tour guide is showing them the cold war op-tech.

12. Shouldn't some of these trained Langley CIA guys notice that they've got green lights on all the electronic locks where they shouldn't have?

13. "Take it down a notch, Hamlet." Hee.

14. Um... even if Jack gets them out, won't they still be all over some of those 5000 surveillance cameras? Weiss says later he'll take care of the footage, but you'd think the CIA would have people doing real-time monitoring.

15. Speaking of Weiss, yay, here he is! Hi, Weiss! I missed you much more than I missed Vaughn. Which is admittedly not at all, but still.

16. "I cannot believe this, but I have to cancel my Pilates again." Hee.

17. Jack and Sloane call Weiss because he is Sydney's buddy. And Jack calls him "Eric"! Awesome. I also love how Weiss immediately looks around to see if he's being surveilled. He knows Jack Bristow does not call just to chat.

18. I am thoroughly amused by Weiss's enthusiastic face on greeting 'the ambassador'. I wish Weiss had gone on more missions when we still had him on the show full-time.

19. Thunk! Ouch. Poor Rachel. Also: hee. "Forgot to hit enter"? Oh, Marshall.

20. "Next time? Just call." Heh. ...No, Weiss! Don't go so soon!

21. I'm no expert, but I would think glowing coloured flashes in the middle of an ultrasound are rarely a good sign.

22. Ah, Jack. Always for you, the most straightforward method. Why investigate all the suspects when you can just call them all together and threaten them all at the same time?

23. Hey, Devlin! Long time no see. That's a neat touch, and helps make the CIA power structure seem more 'real'. (You'd think, though, that Devlin would know Jack well enough to be worried when he's smiling...)

24. Jack has the authority to call a meeting of all the guys with Alpha Black clearance? Damn. Pretty good for a guy who was imprisoned for collaborating with Irina Derevko only two years ago.

25. Alas, the 'who's the mole?' suspense is somewhat mitigated by the fact that I recognise the guy who plays him from ER while nobody else at the table makes Hey It's That Guy status.

26. Wouldn't it be incredibly awkward if one of these guys had got a genuine phonecall at exactly the wrong time?

27. And Jack just shoots him and strides over to start strangling. Ah, Jack, you are so badass. And probably somewhat unsuited to high-level jobs in an organisation like the CIA.

28. As if he hasn't crossed enough lines already, Jack then quite happily starts threatening the innocent superior officers in the room. I bet they're wishing they'd just given APO back to Sloane at this point.

29. Jack is quite impressively scary in this sequence, actually.

30. "The North Atlantic"? That's not terribly helpful as a location, Mr Mole Dude.

31. Jack is really quite lucky they just arrested him and didn't actually shoot him. Though I'm not sure he'd have cared as long as APO got the information to help Sydney.

32. The subplot with Grace's wife feels very out of place and shoehorned in this episode. I think it's because the ep's basically all A-plot except for this tiny little subthread that only gets about one minute spent on it in total. I think they'd have done better to condense this entire plotline into one episode instead of trying to thread it through the season; normally I'd prefer the latter approach, but with the end of series arc ramping up there just isn't room to do it properly.

33. Sloane immediately recognises which ship on the radar is out of place: damn, he's good. No wonder he's a criminal mastermind. He's so good at pattern recognition and putting little details together.

34. And Sydney's ob-gyn is evil! Well played, show. I actually considered that right when she first appeared and then rejected it when nothing happened. So, good burying of that clue behind the 'Syd bonds with Jack over baby duties' plotline. I wonder if Irina hired her?

35. For some reason, these baby-related medical scenes give me the heebies when I'm not usually bothered by medical stuff. Something about the blood in the amnio needle... Shudder.

36. The bad guys left a pot of water boiling? Oh, that's just poor evacuation safety, bad guys.

37. Aww, poor Sloane. I wonder, actually, if it's this kind of rock and a hard place situation that causes him to turn back to the Rambaldi again. He doesn't deal in very healthy way with feeling powerless.

38. Aww, redux; Syd and daddy moment. And uh-oh - Jack's in trouble. I'm surprised they let him out to go and visit her, actually. Devlin must be fond of him. Or just very worried about what he'll do if denied Sydney-time.


Huh. This was a decent enough episode, but I've got to admit I rewatched quite a bit of it on fast forward. A whole lot of action-action-action without much time for character moments, though I enjoyed both Syd and Jack being badass and it was awesome to see Weiss again.
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