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5x05 Out of the Box

0. I guess that title applies to Sloane as well as Reneé's daddy.

1. Is it safe to taser somebody in the middle of a rainstorm, really? Seems a bit questionable to me.

2. I was terribly thrown by the fact that random extra in this sequence tries to contact someone called Jack on the radio. I expected a reprise of the dreaded 72 hours earlier.

3. I'm getting Sydney/Rachel slash vibes from this scene at Syd's apartment, which is... really not like me.

4. Yay, Jack and Sloane are meeting in a café! Sloane has sunglasses! I'm all season two nostalgic. ...And Jack is smiley! (For Jack Bristow values of smiley.) Oh, this scene makes me happy, and it hasn't even started yet.

5. "I was hoping to offer you more than prison food." Way to make it sound like you're dating, Arvin. "I must confess I'd grown rather fond of the shepherd's pie." HA! Oh, now I love this scene twice as much. When was the last time we saw Jack joking with Sloane?

6. And now Sloane is voicing his appreciation of Jack's friendship. They wrote this scene especially for me, didn't they?

7. Sloane's totally giving him the hard sell, and Jack's already tried to get him back on the team. Best buddies! "I don't know what to say." Aww. Sloane really does sound touched and surprised. ...They're actually being a little bit slashy themselves in this scene, which - oddly enough for a tension-filled male friendship - is not at all usual for them. I think it's because they're both showing a bit more emotion than usual. And also, staring into each other's eyes across a café table.

8. Heh. Grace and Marshall are bonding. Or else Grace is just ignoring him. Still, it's nice for Marshall to have a male friend who actually tolerates his rambling, because even the lovely Weiss gets snappy with him.

9. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why you don't take your ski mask off two seconds after leaving the site of your crime. Sigh.

10. "Think you got him." Heh. Jack is very cheerful and jokey this episode, isn't he? Must be the relief of knowing his best buddy Arvin isn't going to jail. Or maybe Irina paid him a visit.

11. "I'm sorry I never met her - she sounds like my kind of woman." / "I think the two of you would have gotten along." Heeee. Okay, Jack/Grace's Mom is my new OTP.

12. I really like the Jack and Grace relationship. It's interesting. Grace is kind of chilled out around him, which not many people are around Jack. I mean, I wouldn't say even Sloane is relaxed, although he's certainly not intimidated.

13. "My father is overprotective." No duh. Heh.

14. Yay! The Alias writers remembered that they had missing time and gave the date as 2006! Boo, they forgot they had two years of missing time, and it really ought to be 2007. Oh, well, nice try.

15. Aw, Sloane's been visiting Nadia at the hospital. (Or, as we learn later, trying to but not quite making it into the room. Aw.)

16. Goatee guy is trying so hard to be menacing with the clichéd bad guy dialogue, and it's really just kind of pathetic because dude, it's Sloane. He's just vaguely bored and very, very unimpressed. These guys have no idea how far out of their league they're playing.

17. "Hello Arvin." / "Hello Gordon." Hee. Sloane's delivery on that cracks me the hell up.

18. Well, Gordon Dean has one thing right. Persuading people is what Sloane does best.

19. Hey, who doesn't know War Games? But it's nice to see Rachel and Marshall bonding. He needs a fellow geek to talk to. Marshall's doing lots of bonding in this episode!

20. Hee. Charlotte the spider-bug is cute.

21. You know, I'm watching Sloane blackmail a woman with photos of her daughter, and I'm just thinking 'Poor Sloane'. You can tell it pains him to be forced into using such cheap intimidation tactics, and he does his best to appeal to her empathy for Nadia before he does go down that route. It's not that it's too evil for him, but it definitely lacks class. That's not a happy face on Sloane as he walks away there.

22. "I believe Arvin Sloane now has a single purpose – to save the life of his daughter. If it is within my power to help him with that endeavour, I will do so. Gladly." Aw, Jack. Always down with the daddies saving daughters angle.

23. I love Dixon's expression when Marshall corrects his pronunciation of the drug. This episode has a healthy dose of Dixon. I approve! More like this, please.

24. Oh, Sydney. Yay, superspy powers of noticing that he shouldn't know about the beacon! Boo, not-so-super immediately calling him on it instead of, you know, shuffling off and warning the others that something might be amiss. And see, look, there you are all hostage-y. *facepalm*

25. Yay, Sloane's back in the house! Double yay, Jack's waiting for him! ...I'm probably supposed to be finding this sequence ominous, aren't I? Oh, well.


Hmm. Kind of an uneven episode. The A-plot stuff with Reneé's dad is actually quite interesting, but it's dragged out too much with a lot of pointless action sequences. I really like all the many little moments of interaction we get between different pairs of characters, though. For all that I love Syd, I think the show's at its best when it's played as more of an ensemble.
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