Jessica (chrystalrose08) wrote in the_retelling,

Cue the rewatches!!

Oh! Wow, just got into LiveJournal again, so I didn't know this community existed... sounds like I've missed out on a whole cycle of an Alias rewatch! *big pout*

Well I don't know if anyone's interested as you've all just finished watching 'em all a couple months ago, but I've started a rewatch of my own! It's not just Alias though, it's multi-fandom. I thought, well, there are so many rewatches out there, but what if we had ONE rewatch comm for ALL the shows? Or, at least, the ones I'm into hehe... but no, if you have a show that you want added, you can request that it be added; it's not just all my favorite shows! LOL. Although it is right now, as I'm starting off with just the shows that I like; others will be added as people request them.

If you'd like to check it out, it can be found here.

The episodes are chosen through voting, so if you want Alias to be featured often, YOU are needed! I'm sure we can find a bunch of Alias fans out there to make the Alias section of my comm the biggest one ;P

Also, to the admin, I don't know if this is allowed, so if you don't want it on the comm, please feel free to take it down; I won't be offended or anything ;)
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