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5x12 There's Only One Sydney Bristow

Isn't this the hundredth episode? Huh. Seems strange that they didn't do anything particularly special for it (unless you count bringing Will back) but I guess they didn't have time with the finale fast approaching. Was it promoted as the hundredth, or did the network just ignore the occasion?

1. Sloane looks so disgusted when they pull the bag off of his head, like, 'Goddammit, when are they going to stop it with this crap? Amateurs.'

2. I like how Sloane says his disappearance would 'raise concern'. Way to word it as if all your best buddies are going to be horribly worried about you, Arvin.

3. Did we know this guy's name was Joseph? For that matter, was Sloane told, or did he find it out for himself? Also, heh, I like the delivery on, "It's not your timetable that troubles me, Joseph. It's your manners." I love quietly bitchy Sloane.

4. "You're not allowed in that room, are you?" Hee. Oh, Sloane. You just can't resist the glee of poking people, can you? And then he hands the guy his coat. Oh, Sloane, never stop being awesome.

5. The Twelve: actually the Unofficial Arvin Sloane Fan Club. ...To be honest, this explains so much.

6. It's Anna Espinosa! Looking cool and grungy. I'd forgotten they captured her.

7. I am no expert on babies, but that one really does not look like she's only four weeks old.

8. Hee, overprotective grandpa Jack babyproofing the apartment.

9. "As soon as the affairs of the world require your attention, I'll let you know." Aw. Also, Marshall is so right about his voice modulating when he talks to Sydney.

10. Hi, Will!

11. Wow, Sloane's hair is even more spiked up in this episode. It's strangely fascinating.

12. Sloane is smart taking the lead in telling Sydney not to come back to work, because these days she might actually listen to the advice more if it came from her dad.

13. I love Jack's choice of babysitters. And am intrigued to know how he found them, considering they're clearly too young to have been Sydney's sitters. I'd love to know when and why Jack might have been in possession of a small child in need of sitting.

14. I also love Sydney's face as Rance is telling her they're both trained in infant development.

15. Hee. That baby is so not interested in anything Sydney's got to say to it. This is why you don't act with children, people.

16. I like this shot of Sydney with the grapple-gun; very reminiscent of Irina with the rifle in the s2 opener. I also really like the remix of 'Riders on the Storm' that's playing over this scene. Anyone know who it's by?

17. I amused by the fact that somewhere during her journey through the club, Sydney has managed to pick up a glow stick.

18. Somehow, all three of our guys pull off the trick of looking good in those oversized gadget glasses.

19. "My apologies. My wife she is a... bit of a whore." Hee!

20. This moment where Syd rescues Will is a nice callback to the similar scene in season one.

21. Will's been taking Krav Maga classes. Heh. Awesome.

22. The show so should have kept either Will or Weiss on in buddy capacity. Syd needs a buddy to have happy conversations with.

23. I forgot that last time Syd and Will met up Vaughn was married to somebody else. So, good job scriptwriters on not forgetting that. Thumbs up!

24. And so it is revealed that Jack and Syd helped fake Vaughn's death. This was well foreshadowed and obviously planned all along, so thumbs up on that too.

25. "My life is so much better because you're in it." Wow. That's very sweet, Will, but um... kinda revisionist.

26. Hee. I love everybody's very restrained shock faces as Will starts bleeping. They all kind of blink and lean slightly backwards.

27. Syd keeps reminding me of Nadia in this episode, for some reason. Hairstyle? I'm not sure.

28. "A particular page from this manuscript..." Wait, does the DSR have only the one manuscript? Because I thought it was a whole thing where page 47 was the significant one in all of Rambaldi's manuscripts. Or did they retcon that so that there's only one overall Rambaldi manuscript? Cripes, this stuff is confusing.

29. "Uh, guys? Who's Rambaldi?" Aw, Rachel. So new and innocent. Also, does this mean they're not telling the new hires that Sloane's a recently reformed megolomaniac? Because that seems like, you know, pertinent background information. No wonder she happily swallowed his story for why he needed to use a false computer ID back when they were hiding stuff from Devlin.

30. Should we be allowing Sloane to give talks about Rambaldi? Really? That doesn't seem like it would be particularly good for his case of The Crazy.

31. "The woman pictured here, the Chosen One, will render the greatest power unto utter desolation." Um, I call BS. That's not the wording of the original prophecy! It was, "This woman here depicted will possess unseen marks, signs that she will be the one to bring forth my works. Bind them with fury. A burning anger. Unless prevented at vulgar cost, this woman will render the greatest power unto utter desolation."

(And, double um, shouldn't that be heavily encoded with Rambaldi cyphers, even assuming Rachel can sight-read 15th century Italian? Ooh, conspiracy theory: maybe the real Page 47 has already been replaced with a similar fake by Sloane. It's even a different prop to the one from s4, so that idea works quite neatly.)

32. Yes, that's right, Rachel. You've entered batshit country. Sydney's the Chosen One. Just learn to roll with it.

33. "Without you that page is worthless." Brr. Sloane, I find your choice of words in rephrasing Sydney's sentiment there a little... concerning. Again, why are they letting him in on this stuff? Is Nadia the only one who understands the link between Rambaldi and the craziness?

34. Hee! Fake moustache French accent Will. He's always so fun on missions. I don't understand why they never dressed Vaughn up like this. (Except for that one awesome time with the eyeliner.) It would have made it a lot less irritating that it was always him paired up with Sydney for the season three and four missions if they'd actually done something interesting with him.

35. I miss Syd and Will together. What she's definitely missing this season is a good buddy she can joke around with. There are small moments here and there with Dixon which are nice to see, but they're too few and far between.

36. "Sydney, Sydney, my head's beeping!" Hehehe.

37. I like the reprise of Anna's trademark of kissing the glass. They're doing good stuff with the callbacks this episode, which makes the Rambaldi retconning doubly annoying.

38. Did they really need to leap after the detonator? Wasn't it a plot point a moment ago that it had a limited range? Or would thirty seconds not have carried the train far enough away? Also: convenient expanse of water is convenient.

39. I would call BS on Syd finding the detonator in the water, but I guess it did have lights on, so: ridiculous by real-world standards, passable for Alias.

40. So Project Helix has gone from weeks of gene therapy on a close physical match with a high possibility of failure to... red goo makes Anna Espinosa into insta-Syd. Okay.


Fun episode, although I'm a bit bugged by the retconning they're doing of earlier canon details to squish things into more convenient shape.
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