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5x08 Bob

1. I could buy a micropulse bomb that incinerates people but leaves the main structure of the train intact, but one that doesn't even scorch the seats? Not so much. (And if it did somehow leave fabric unharmed, then surely their clothes wouldn't be burned either? Sorry. Thinking too much.)

2. It cracks me up to see "Yorkshire" in the special Alias exotic location text. I guess that's the UK viewers' equivalent of that time they did "Wisconsin".

3. Jack! Dressed like a professor! With a piano! There is no bad here.

4. It's interesting, actually, that Elizabeth apparently knew Jack back when he used to still play piano. Did she know him before/during his marriage, or did he continue to play piano even after the Irina revelation? Maybe he gave it up when he became a double agent.

5. "I take it Joseph still doesn't know what you do for a living?" Huh. I wonder if Jack is unhappy about the parallels of the wife with the secret spying career.

6. "I already talked with the Minister of Finance, he's a dimwit." Heeee. I love Jack's delivery on all of his lines here, especially that one. It's a quite different style of speaking to the way he usually is at work. (Except, for some reason, with Kendall.) I like my Jack with a snarky edge.

7. "I'm going to be a grandfather. A very young grandfather." HA! I also love that Jack is just a teensy little bit vain about his age.

8. This whole Brazil thing is just a transparent excuse to give Jack Bristow a reason to say "thongs", isn't it? ...I approve. I wonder how much difficulty the cast had getting through this sequence without cracking up.

9. "When's the last time you did something just for fun?" / "Hitting Gordon Dean on the head with a shovel." Hee!

10. It's pretty lovely to see all the smiling Syd's doing early on in this episode, despite the later spydaddy in peril plot. It's been kind of an angsty season thus far.

11. It doesn't matter that I know David Anders isn't really British, hearing him speak with an American accent just sounds so wrong.

12. It's quite neat how the episode plays with your expectations when Rachel meets and appears to be shadowed by Sark, and it turns out he has absolutely no idea who she is.

13. I also appreciate that Rachel is clearly now more competent at field ops yet still gets freaked out when it starts to go off-plan and she has to improvise.

14. "Bob Brown". Oh, Sark. A lot of imagination went into that alias, didn't it?

15. This is actually some interesting character insight into Sark, at this very late stage in the game. Not that it's a huge surprise that he's a risk-junkie.

16. Whoever made Sark's fake passport gave him a birthdate of 1968? Oh, that's just careless, fake passport guy. He's not quite the little baby boy he was in season one, but there's no way he looks anything like pushing forty.

17. Heh. Marshall's playing tetris. Well, of course he would be. Although he must have a weird control setup to be playing it left-handed. Old-school w/a/s/d config? ...Possibly I think too much.

18. "What happened in Brazil?" Heh. Nobody wants to tell poor Jack the juicy gossip. I love his, "Sorry," to the food poisoning story.

19. Sydney totally gives Jack the 'Oh really?' eyebrow when he says his MI6 contact is joining him, and clearly Jack has no idea what she's eyeballing him about. Heh. They're so damn cute.

20. Yay! It's Jack's turn to be the damsel in distress. That doesn't happen often enough.

21. The degree of frantic activity at APO seems a bit excessive compared to how they are when other agents are missing. Clearly, they all love Jack the mostest.

22. Sydney calls in Sloane for help. And then apologises for pulling him away from Nadia. This is a topsy-turvy world we live in.

23. "Julian Sark." Heh. Sloane showing off his knowledge of Sark's first name there. Did the others even know what it was before now?

24. Aww. Poor Rachel.

25. ...Why did they think Sark was out of the game, exactly? Did he invite them to his retirement party or something?

26. I notice that when Syd says Sark was formerly tied to SD-6 and the Covenant, she leaves off his probably far more significant ties to Irina. Keeping Mom's name out of it, huh?

27. I like how quickly Syd works it out as soon as she looks at Rachel.

28. Huh. Wow. That actually seems like a pretty genuine (if brief) smile from Syd when Sark congratulates her on the pregnancy. That was unexpected.

29. "I can't lose him." Aww. I love how much Syd's grown to lean on her daddy this season.

30. Rachel and Sark have good chemistry, actually. It's a shame we didn't get time to see more of them together. I've never been able to get interested in any other Sark ships, either canonical or subtexty, but this one had some real potential.

31. Aww, little mini moment of Marshall and Syd bonding. I like how he and Dixon are both supporting her this episode. It's kind of old-school.

32. "He assumed I was betraying him and he took the money and he left." / "Oh. So then he knows you pretty well." / "Mmm." Hee.

33. "No offence, but you haven't had the best judgement lately." Heh.

34. I absolutely believe Sark was the one who wanted to cuddle. Very much in-character with his previous relationships.

35. "That was spectacular, Rachel." I think Sydney's talking about the quality of witty banter as well as the bomb defusal.

36. "Don't need to know, don't want to know." Heh. Smart man, Marshall.

37. Sending Elizabeth back to a London hospital is all very well, but how is she going to explain getting shot in the hand to Mr French Ambassador?

38. I love the subtlety of the Jack-Elizabeth relationship. It's never outright stated that they had a fling, but you can see the hints of it there. I wish we could have seen her again, too.

39. Jack invites Sydney to breakfast! He's so much more confident about their relationship these days. It's nice.

40. "You and the baby are all that matters." Oh, dear, Jack. I do believe you mean that on a more disturbingly literal level than most people would.

41. Yay, Syd-Dixon hugging. The show has been missing this for far too long.

42. I like how the music fades into Jack playing the piano, very nicely. I love so much that they did explicitly make Jack musical. I choose to believe that he can sing too. If only they'd found a reason to force him to do so on a mission.


Well, I judge that a good episode, on the basis of the fact that I barely noticed the lack of Sloane. Once again the plot has stalled, but there was a lot of great and highly amusing character stuff, this time focused more on the existing characters instead of just the newbies. It's a real pity they didn't have more episodes left to expand on both the Sark/Rachel flirtation and Jack and Elizabeth's history..
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