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5x07 Fait Accompli

1. I find it nifty how Sydney finds numerous ways to turn her pregnancy to her advantage on missions.

2. Professor Choi! Oh, of all the most unexpected character callbacks ever, that is just fantastic.

3. Aw, Sloane. These hospital scenes are so heart-wrenching. *traditional tip of the hat to Ron Rifkin's amazing facial expressions*

4. Apparently, Nadia's been in a coma for 5 months, so for those keeping track of the timeline (ha) the events of the past five episodes must have taken place over about a month.

5. Sloane goes and confesses all to his best buddy! Yay! I love Sloane being one of the good guys. ...Hence my sense of encroaching doom.

6. I swear, in this final pushing-in shot before the credits, Victor Garber changes expressions about three times without visibly moving his face. Damn, he's good.

7. I really like these little domestic scenes with Syd and Rachel. It's a good move having them be roomies; it brings back a little of that balance between work-Syd and home-Syd that we used to get back in the early years.

8. ...Okay, by this point, the crew must have been really glad that they didn't try to hide Jennifer Garner's pregnancy with the traditional 'standing behind convenient objects' schtick. That is one very, very obviously pregnant lady.

9. Sloane has apparently found the time to change his shirt between confessing to Jack and them telling Sydney. Heh. I guess either he told Jack the night before and they hung out and strategised a while before taking action, or he dressed up specially to meet with Sydney. Either of these options pleases me.

10. I love the way that Syd just listens to Sloane in this scene. She doesn't go off at him or storm out or start throwing accusations, she just stands there and neutrally hears what he has to say. She's matured so much over the past five years.

11. "I consider you both to be my family." Aww, Sloane. And you know that's the absolute truth. (Whether they like it or not.)

12. Oh, Sloane. You never know when to quit it with the sincere emotional speechifying, do you? I love how Sydney's just left sitting there after he leaves the van with this kind of squinty frown, all, 'Was that required? I don't think it was.'

13. "Mama comin' through. Watch out, don't jostle the package." Heh. Also, that is an impressive hat, right there.

14. "It's a nice suit on you. Blue's a good colour. And for you as well, Director Bristow." Hee. And Jack just says, "Thanks." Double hee. Also, I like this extra evidence of Marshall and Grace bonding.

15. When the guy behind spoke to Sydney, I thought I had him figured for the second security detail. That whole thing with him asking if she knew someone in the crowd kind of petered out randomly. Cut lines?

16. Sloane's delivery on, "I do," when Dean asks if he has something amuses me. I love the way he talks to the guys blackmailing him; it's like he can't quite bring himself to take any of it seriously.

17. Ah, Dean. You do realise that the hostage-taking exit strategy is reliant on other people giving a crap if you hurt Sloane?

18. I was kind of hoping that Sloane would get back up and kick Dean's ass while he was distracted. But Rachel with a shovel has a charm of its own. "Is he conscious?" / "Yeah, I think so." / "Then hit him again." Heeeee. I love how matter-of-fact Sydney is. And Rachel's actions here tie in nicely to the fighting advice Grace gave her last episode.

19. Why would they perp-walk Dean through the top secret offices of APO? Wouldn't it be smart to at least put a bag over his head? Oh, wait, I forgot they casually gave him the run of the place when he was pretending to be legitimate. Go, Alias-universe security!

20. Okay, Marshall has some scary expertise on interrogations going on there. Or at least on LSD.

21. "I see. You can go to hell." Heh. Go, Sloane!

22. Aw. This scene between Sloane and Nadia is lovely.

23. I love how the Bristows look at each other when Marshall says Dean needs to be comforted, like, 'What is this bizarre thing Marshall's talking about, and is one of us going to have to do it?'

24. Jack's going to take over the comforting of Gordon Dean? Much as I love Nadia, I think I would have liked the camera to stay on that for a while.

25. Sloane is so freaked when Nadia starts to fall back into zombie mode. He's panicking and shouting and totally not like himself.

26. You can see from the way Sloane's eyes move when the doctor says it was just a fluke that he knows it was Prophet Five's doing. (Although seriously, how can that doctor possibly claim it's 'likely' never to happen again when they have no idea either what's wrong with her or what caused her to wake in the first place? Plot-motivated dialogue is plot-motivated.)

27. Here I am, mentally willing Sydney to hug Sloane, and it doesn't seem entirely impossible that she might do it. It's a long, strange road we've travelled.

28. Aww. Jack asks Sydney how his buddy's holding up.

29. Sloane may be working for his new Prophet Five masters, but somehow I don't think he exactly minds being asked to take care of Gordon Dean.

30. Interesting. When Sloane's proceding with the murder despite Dean's offer to help him take down Prophet Five, he says, "God forgive me." Figure of speech, or does it suggest he has (or had) some sort of religious beliefs?

31. How the hell did Sloane get out of there unseen before Sydney arrived? Teleportation?

32. Subdermally implanted cyanide pill? I assume that means Sloane cut a hole inside his cheek to simulate that? Damn, he's badass.

33. "It's like the Alliance all over again." Um. Guys. If you're plot recycling, is it necessarily wise to draw attention to the fact you're plot recycling?

34. Jack is all smiley when Syd asks him if he has plans. Yay! Cute Bristow family bonding!

35. "Soon? Perhaps you could be a bit more specific?" Ah, Sloane. Still too awesome to be blackmailed by these guys, even if this one's a step up from Dean. Will the bad guys never learn?

36. I love, love, LOVE Jack as inept furniture-assembling dad with an attitude. There should be more of this. Lots more.


At last, we have something resembling plot progression! This episode has many great Sloane moments and some adorable Bristow bonding. What's not to love?
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