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5x04 Mockingbird

1. Monte Carlo! This promises fun.

2. Wow. Sydney is beginning to look very, very pregnant there. I guess this is probably more of a help than a hindrance on most missions. Who suspects the pregnant lady?

3. Yay, Dixon! In the field, even. What are the odds he has something better to do than the amazing anticlimactic Sloane escort plot of last week?

4. "I'm not like other moms." *Phut*, *phut*, *phut*. Heh.

5. So Grace's callsign is Sidewinder. Hmm. Also, I see Syd seems to have got over her hissy fit about working with him. See, Sydney, daddy knows best.

6. "Well, I think I lost us about $900,000, depending on the exchange rate." / "Copy that." Hee. Oh, Jack. I cannot imagine what your departmental paperwork looks like. ('Operational costs: $900,000. Reason for expenditure: Necessary.')

7. "Have a safe trip." Aw. And heh. This is just an everyday outing for the Bristows.

8. Yay, random attack by giant electro-magnet! Now that's Alias.

9. Boo, "72 hours earlier". Now that's also Alias, but not in the good way.

10. Sydney and Rachel perform the Exposition Duet. It's not terribly graceful. And was it really necessary, considering we have the previouslies back these days?

11. Sloane! In a suit! Oh, Arvin, much as I rather like you in your cell, I have missed your snappy dressing ways. And your determination to stay hydrated.

12. And yay, Jack touches his shoulder! Is this the first evidence of comforting friendly contact since, what, the faux-Emily church scene in season two? Aw. And he doesn't even say anything, so this is purely, 'Hey, I'm here for you,' buddy supportiveness! Love.

13. You know you're officially a master criminal when you're not even allowed a defence lawyer. Yikes.

14. Huh. So Sloane basically got two pardons, the original and then a new updated one when they gave him APO? And running APO was a condition of the pardon? It's the genius supervillain version of community service? Hee!

15. I would suck at being a spy, since it seems to involve lengthy periods waiting around doing nothing. Drives me insane.

16. Ah, Sydney. She's not really that much more sympathetic than Jack when there's work to be done, is she?

17. I'm thinking these security questions are Rambaldi quotations, somehow.

18. Sloane ran Omnifam for three years? Wow, he got that up and running fast after "The Telling".

19. "Global genocide" is really not a phrase you want to hear coming up during your trial. Even together with "almost".

20. Aw, that's not fair, he didn't really attempt to murder millions of people, it was just going to be an accidental side effect. Um.

21. Wait, "two years ago" Sloane learned he had a daughter? He learned about Nadia's existence way back at the end of season 2. Or is he speaking more figuratively; he knew it as a fact, but didn't really understand what it was to have a daughter until she was right there in front of him? (Or, I suppose, the more simplistic explanation, is he just lying to the CIA? I guess mentioning he learned about her from a Rambaldi prophecy doesn't do much for his attempts to look not-crazy.)

22. Not quite every moment since you met her, Sloane. I don't think shooting her up full of Rambaldi juice was terribly atone-y. But in spirit, I do think that statement is true, so I guess we'll let it ride.

23. Sloane has demonstrated a pattern of criminal behaviour his "entire life"? Now I want to hear about Sloane: The Early Years.

24. This is Jack's version of a comforting pep talk: going over the technical details of the worst-case scenario. Bless him.

25. Sloane looks years older in this cell scene. I think they've done something clever with the lighting that really highlights the white in his beard.

26. "They volunteered." For real? Whoa. I can believe Sydney writing a statement of support after the s4 finale, but Dixon? I'm kind of bummed that he's apparently had his own emotional journey towards reluctantly believing Sloane, and yet we've seen none of it. (Well, either that or Jack is lying to bolster Sloane up. His line delivery here is very soft-spoken and gentle. Aw.)

27. And Sloane wants to give Jack custody of Nadia. Aww. Of course, it would be the world's smartest choice even if they weren't best buddies. Jack Bristow is always the guy you want looking out for your daughter's safety. Unless it conflicts with Sydney's.

28. The way Sloane's voice goes all hoarse on, "as if she were your own daughter", and then the almost unspoken, "thank you"... Damn, Ron Rifkin, how are you so fabulous?

29. Interesting cut from Sloane's face straight to, "He's scared."

30. "Dean's going after his archives." Yes, thank you for clarifying, Sydney, it's not like we all heard him say so twice in the last four seconds.

31. Sloane's writing a letter to Nadia. That's sweet, although not terribly practical considering she's in a coma. Maybe he's planning to make Jack read it out loud.

32. ...Also, huh, I see that Sloane's left-handed. I guess that's lucky for him, considering it was his right index Jack cut off back in season one.

33. Why is the camerawork in this scene where Syd and Rachel are talking so randomly jerky? I'm not getting 'sense of urgency', I'm getting 'Hold the damn thing still!'

34. I like this music played over the casino sequence. It works even better this time around with all the fast cutting. Now this is how to repeat a scene in the good way, unlike the terrible straight replay thing they did in "Blowback".

35. "Do you want to come over here and do the advanced binomial calculus? Because I'd be more than happy to stand there and watch." Hee.

36. "Hang on a sec. I gotta call my dad." Heh. What every superspy does in a crisis, naturally.

37. I like that Rachel's not a field agent and she is totally freaked out by all the stuff that Syd takes in stride. Good move not making the new girl a kickass superagent. I also like mentor-Syd. It's a new, more mature role for her.

38. Sydney is strong enough to support her pregnant self and Rachel with one hand? That's some muscles. And, you know, I feel we could probably have used a 'how they got down' scene right about there.

39. I love how Jack's head whips around to look at Sloane when the committee reluctantly pardons him, like, 'Okay, what did you just pull there?'

40. I really like the ending shot of Sloane walking into the light. It's such optimistic imagery used so menacingly. And an interesting parallel to 'In Dreams' where walking into the light with Emily and Jacquelyn would have meant choosing the easier path of death instead of fighting for redemption.


Well, that was still largely filler, although the mission-y hijinks were pretty entertaining. The Sloane stuff was good, but I do feel like we should have reached this point by about the end of episode two instead of taking this long to get here.
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